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What kind of Software Tester personality are you?

I have submitted this article for Testing Circus magazine.

What kind of Software Tester personality are you?:-

This is very unique topic to discuss, personality for software testers. as software tester we need to be little more perfect, since we live in the world were we point out all the imperfects. so it will be useful to decide our personality, and define our stand.

decide what kind of tester are you? destructive or constructive software tester:

when it comes to hacking, there is two predominant categories of hackers, “white hat hackers” and “black hat hackers”, that defines the purpose of the hack, either you hack to damage the system(and profit from it) or to improve the system, that matters. like wise when we start testing we need to have it clearly defined what kind of testing we are going to do on the system “destructive” or “constructive”.

destructive testers are well suited for companies where they make purchase decisions, say company A is buying a software from company B, and this destructive tester from company A will expose all vulnerabilities in the software from company B, this in turn will help the company A to make a purchase decision. not just from company A to company B transition, also from department A to department B of the company. destructive testers are very much keen on breaking the software, they are least bothered in getting the problem fixed, most cases they wont provide the history of the sequences that might have caused the problem, problem has to be analyzed based on the logs and others means. they will point out enhancements, not necessarily they are going to do good for the software, but that might open a back door for them to break the software in next iteration much quicker.

constructive testers are well suited where the software is being made, say at company A or department A, they identify all possible loop holes that can be identified by destructive testers, most possible customers, and software itself in natural wear and tear use. constructive testers work very closely with the developers, they have good knowledge about the internals of the software, even the enhancements said by these kind of testers should be given careful consideration, because they came with such enhancement only after understanding every aspect of the software. whenever a problem is identified these testers are willing to provide all the details that might have caused the problem.

it is not like good or bad kind of testers, it is the variety of testers, that is very important for the software to become close to perfection, i will say if the company manage to have both kind of tester for a software and use them properly, they can come up with the best in class software.

also note, these personality are not permanent for the software testers, they change from software to software, team to team and company to company. :)